With blows of cuts in emissions of CO2, almost unsustainable for manufacturers, the european politicians are pushing the heat engine to the output. The diesel, however, less CO2-emitting than gasoline, is particularly in question in discharges of fine particles.

The trouble is that electric vehicles are supposed to take over, be even little practices: their autonomy is reduced, the cooldown is long, and the network of terminals is not developed enough and low power. If French drivers are moving away from the diesel, they are flocking instead to the essence. Considered best for the health of our environment, the lead-free emits more CO2 than diesel. Result: the CO2 emissions from the automotive sector are increasing, which is contrary to the ambitions of our leaders.

China game master electric

The environmental problem is not to be restricted, unfortunately, not to a simple increase in CO2. The own vehicle yet to be invented, and electric cars are far from being the champions of ecology. The production of a machine running on electricity in the first place is more energy intensive than that of a thermal model. This is particularly due to the assembly of the accumulators. The elements that compose them are prepared, for example, in furnaces in which the temperature should climb to 400 degrees. An electric car also helps, indirectly, to emissions of greenhouse gases if the production of the electricity necessary for its operation is not “clean”, which is unfortunately the case on the quasi-totality of the planet. The extraction of materials useful in the manufacture of batteries is not without consequences. Recycling, too, is still a problem. China, which exercises a stranglehold on these materials, has become the main supplier of accumulators. It is de facto the master of the game electric.

The automotive sector, the representative in France for 9% of direct and indirect jobs, 4 000 companies and 155 billion of revenue, estimated that 250 000 jobs could disappear in the short term to the result of this forced march towards the electricity. The unions are worried. Force Ouvrière du Val de Seine, where 40,000 jobs in the automotive industry may be threatened, request the public authorities to revise their goals downward. Between the electrification and the many remediation systems now requirements to register new thermal models, the car is also likely to become more expensive.

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