ZABARDAST – VF – 54 min – France – 2018

The book of intimate journey of an incredible expedition freeride in the heart of the Karakoram. In search of one of the most beautiful mountains to ski on the globe, amounting to 5880 m. A human adventure so isolated, so high, so committed that no error was permitted. For five weeks, the group pressed deeper and deeper inside of Pakistan, with a loop of 150 km in complete autonomy, pulling sleds filled with food, tents and solar panels through to huge glaciers. A meeting between the Freeride and the Himalayisme. A real adventure already widely acclaimed.

LANES OF FREEDOM – VF – 52 min – France – 2018

for nearly 10 years, Mélusine Mallender travels the world alone and on a motorcycle on The Ways of Freedom, by questioning and interviewing the residents on their own vision of freedom, and particularly women. It weaves, as well, over the years, a map of freedom in the transformation countries, on all continents. The film tells the story of the journey of this young woman, cheerful and engaging, for which the concept of freedom of women in the world has become a real way of life.

HIMALAYA, THE WALK OVER – VF – 53 min – France – 2018

After the Mongolia, and Alaska, Eliott was launched in 4 months to a crossing of the Himalayas, alone, and at the meeting of the last nomads of the planet. The purpose of his odyssey, a veritable “walk of decay”, was to accomplish fully what he had hitherto only sketched out: to finish the expedition to the absolute autonomy, that is to say, having given up any object from the “modern” world that destroys nature. Fire by friction, skin jacket, and bag bamboo: his horse at his side and his camera in hand, Elliott has again held his bet.

CICLOS 2 – VOSTFR – 62 min – Brazil – 2018

This is a documentary epic about the exploration of the north-east of Brazil by of paragliding pilots in an endless race to beat a world record. It is an invitation to the enchanting world of flying-free in the lands of the arid brazilian and a tribute to the Sertanejo, the people extraordinary of the Sertão.

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From Colombia to Argentina circassians have chosen the street as a place of meeting, creation, and performance space. Their course is out of the ordinary, and their mode of life differs from the social norms established. The “stars of fire red” have destinies which intersect each other during their journey in Latin America. Their hopes and their dreams come to life until you cross an ocean.

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MARCEL, AT the SUMMIT OF HIS ART – VF (subtitled in English) – 24 min – Switzerland – 2017

Marcel is on the cusp of his 95 years. He coached his two sons, Claude and Yves, in the world of climbing, where they are the unavoidable characters. The great age came, bit of climbing, Marcel may not waive his passion. He begins a final procession to his last Mirror at the age of 94 years old, accompanied by his son. The wall north-west of the famous Mirror of the Argentina of 450 meters (canton of Vaud, Switzerland) is a theatre adventure for Marcel, at the peak of his art , an achievement and a beautiful story of family.

IN THE STARLIGHT – VOSTFR – 52 min – France – 2018

During the darkest hours of the night, while the majority of the planet is asleep, the photographer Paul Zizka is adventure alone in the night, in search of the starry skies the purest. This quest of absolute led him to the heart of the canadian Rockies where he lives up to the wild dunes of the desert of Namibia and to the borders of Greenland, only in the face of the immensity of the ice. Intimate Portrait of a photographer without peer, In the Starlight sheds light on what his time spent under the stars has taught him about life, love, self-transcendence and our place in the universe.

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THE ANIMALS – VF (subtitled in English) – 75 min – France – 2018

In February 2018, Vincent Munier, photographer, naturalist, invites the writer Sylvain Tesson bedroom of the lines on the high tibetan plateau in exchange for which, he promised him to introduce him to the art of the lookout and approach the animals. A bestiary of tibetan unusual, often endemic and neglected, on the summit of which stands the queen of camouflage, the snow leopard… in The course of these apparitions in the cold, the dust and under the snow, the two men re-imagine a world where Man is reconciled with its share of Nature, by recognizing the share of admirable, respect and humility due to the beasts.


Described by Sir Chris Bonington as “fascinating and very emotional,” Magnetic Mountains follows the story of a climber who, after falling off a north face alpine, the struggle to find a balance in his life. Featuring some of the biggest names in mountain sports, it explores the psychology of risk-taking. A true story, human and poignant.

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NEPAL, BEYOND THE CLOUDS – VF – 90 min – France – 2018

More than 9,000 people dead and some 23,000 casualties, it is the balance sheet of the double earthquake that shakes the Nepal in the spring of 2015. In Kathmandu, the relief pouring in but do not reach the valleys of altitude isolated, such as that of Nubri. More than 12 000 people are separated from the world at the foot of Mount Manaslu, a giant in the himalayas. By self-help, mutual aid and courage, the men and the women combine against the spell in one of the valleys highest in the world. Two young boys, Raj and Shiva, which became the mule by necessity after the earthquake, will confront a future in which the old traditions had not prepared. The two friends are going to harden, open up to others and follow their personal path.

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the LAST DAYS HAS SHIBATI – VOSTFR – 59 min – France – 2018

In the huge city of Chongqing, the last of the old quarters is about to be demolished and its inhabitants rehoused. The filmmaker befriends the small Zhou Hong and Madam Xue Lian, the last witnesses, moving, a world soon disappeared.

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