In France, 84 % of households are equipped with a particular vehicle, 84 % of the inhabitants are regular drivers and seven employees out of ten are going to work by car, according to the Automobile Club Association. This organization is also convinced that even if the mobility evolves, the automobile will remain the main element. However, if this means of transport is preferred by the French, its cost of use is higher.

In regards to maintenance of the vehicle, the expenditure would have increased from 3.4 to 3.8% in 2018 compared to the previous year. The insurance premiums, over the same period, would have grown by 2.5 %. The tariff of tolls, however, does not seem to have increased only 1.36 %. It is the price of fuel, which remains the most disturbing. The prices excluding taxes have registered an increase of 15.4 % for the SP95 and 22.5% for the diesel. Taxes, they have climbed 6% for the super and 12.9 % for gas oil.

Some will be all the more outraged to learn that the tax rate of the heavy oil is of 144 %. A figure that rises even up to 167 % in the case of the essence! The diesel, as the government have put forward for years, are today heavily taxed: in 2009 a ticket of € 50 allowed to provide approximately 50 litres of diesel fuel, compared to just 40.6 litres in 2017. This figure rose to 35.8 litres in January 2018, and even to 32.8 litres in October 2018.

According to the Automobile Club Association, the car driver is the consumer that pays the most money to the state. All taxes paid by French drivers in 2018 is 74 billion euros (40 billion euros of taxes on fuel), a figure higher than the debt of the SNCF Network which will have to wait until 2025 to exceed 60 billion euros.


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