To get rid of wires and listen to music any where, everyone has become accustomed to using their smartphone and stream the sound via Bluetooth to speakers provided for this purpose. However, the way to listen to the works is not the same for all. The same goes for the requirements at the outcome level. And because there is a speaker connected and speaker is connected, there are nomadic products and others, depending on their weight and their sophistication, the less… And at prices well different. To each his budget.

Cabasse The Pearl, a formula 1

Someone remembers it of The Sphere, this speaker breton outlet ten years ago, sold 185.000€, nearly 100 kg of technology? Then, in the same spirit, another French (read more below) , Cabasse sacrifices in the connected world and opens up to a wider audience . Finally, more broad, so to speak. It will still get rid of 2 790 euros to acquire this pearl of 32 cm in diameter, which weighs more than 18 kg on the scale. One knows nomad more easily transportable. However, with a volume maximum sound pressure of 118 dB, The Pearl is able to cover the howl of a Formula 1 from under your nose, just below the threshold of pain is located, it is said, of 120 dB.

A montage is the only way Cabasse has the secret. Cabasse

His secret? A coaxial system patented by the brand. Understand that this spherical speaker is built around three speakers (bass, midrange, treble) tri-axial, that is to say that they are placed not side by side like on a speaker column, but the one behind the other, in line. Speaker pull-out in the sum. This coaxial system patented in 1993 is one of the trademarks of Cabasse. It wins necessarily in space.

Level connection physical or wireless, nothing is missing. We can all plug into it, the turntable through the RCA inputs to the tv and is compatible with most streaming services, and audio formats without to forget the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, an Ethernet port and an optical input.

with a small internal mic, like a speaker Sonos or a HomePod from Apple, the Pearl may be calibrated in function of the place in which she finds herself in a room and set automatically the best sound possible. Multiroom, it is also compatible with the wizards voice of Google and Amazon to be driven by voice. However, Cabasse book with it a remote control for the most beautiful effect.

A beautiful design object that will go through a two-for-bit that you want to take advantage of the stereo, and double your budget.

Price: 2 790 euros.

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Devialet Reactor, the small Phantom

Reactor, a concentration of power. devialet

The startup French Devialet has, since its inception, always produces solutions audios attracting all the superlatives. His latest, Phantom Reactor, will be no exception.

The little sister of the Phantom First (available now in four versions) output three years ago, which displays the dimensions four times smaller and a weight that is two times less, does not remain about it less one very high-end product.

The CEO of the brand, Franck Lebouchard, repeat over again like a mantra: “We want to build speakers with a powerful sound producing no breath, no distortion and no saturation.” And, incidentally, to multiply by ten its sales. Because if the price is not divided by four compared to the Phantom’s first name, the entry ticket passes today under the threshold of a thousand euros. Democracy according to Devialet.

For all that, it must be confessed that it distils a little extra emotional and almost physical. Capable of delivering a sound level up to 98 dB SPL with a power of 900W of peak power, is an exception in such a ratio power/size/fidelity. We are impressed in front of the subject.

Packed with a number of impressive patents, Reactor, however, is a speaker connected “plug and play”, offering wireless connectivity, via Bluetooth, Spotify Connect, Airplay, UPnP, or wired via a connection jack for analog or optical.

Price: from 990 €

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Osmoze, the work

Osmosis is signed by Matali Crasset. thomson

The original object, the marriage between sound, light and design is offered through an enclosure signed by Matali Crasset. It is both a Bluetooth speakers, a mood light and a decorative item.

Matali Crasset is not its first shot in the matter since she has had the opportunity to lead the team of designers Thomson Multimédia (Tim Thom), which today celebrates its 25th anniversary, under the artistic direction of Philippe Starck. Then, after his cassette Don O, the artist reveals Osmoze, a wireless speaker light, under the brand name Thomson. This product is intended to be simple, aesthetic, and familiar. A “Dream Product” as pointed out by the brand in association with the startup

The model is in the form of a small basket, away from the codes of the high-tech and evoking rather the picnic, to walk around in inside or outside. Translucent, Osmosis will be able to create lighting scenes, but also disseminate honorably the music coming from smartphones via Bluetooth. Osmoze will also accept a USB drive to play music. A remote control will take over to manage the sound, the songs and playing with the lights.

This object will be available first to subscribers from the month of December. It will then be in other points of sale.

Price: 80 euros.

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