“there is no meaning unique to the use of the hair. This is based on the place and time, and it changes strong quickly”, recalls Marie-Françoise Auzépy, in his book, History of the hair (Ed. Belin). In fact, there are still a few years, all the men concerned about their appearance if épilaient carefully to the torso and underarms. An aesthetic imposed by the style of the metrosexual at the beginning of the new millennium, who had won the world. It was then fashionable to deny the biological reality of the body hair. And the fellow who did not know how to master their bodies were neither more nor less than the primates!

But, over the past two to three years, undoubtedly under the influence of the beard (maintained) become ubiquitous, the phenomenon is reversed. The superiority of glabrous on the hairy is no more. Return to a state of sweetly wild which fits well with the want of nature and simplicity of the moment. Only, as for the face, so that the body remains …

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