1. Pierre Hermé

Opened in the summer of 2017, this new teaches of the great pastry is the work of architect Jeff Van Dyck, “pimpée” by the accomplice of the pastry star, the illustrator Soledad Bravi. Decor is cheerful and bright, where all the sweets (macarons, cakes, chocolates) are staged as precious jewelry. There are, of course, the full range of best-sellers (Isfahan, 2 000 sheets, Satin… 7,20 €). Little corner of wine-tasting on-site.

Pierre Hermé. 4, rue de Bretagne (Iii). Tel.: 01 43 54 47 77. Everyday from 10 h to 20 h.

2. Bellota Bellota Bellota Bellota (Iii). Bellota Bellota

The profession of faith house? “Bellota-Bellota begins where all the other iberian hams stop.” This is all to say. Here, we call the requirement, be it the quality of the four grands crus proposed, the manifesto on traceability, or the boards of wine tasting, the place is made for lovers of ham excellence but also lovers of seafood, premium oils, vinegars and wines direct from the iberian Peninsula.

Bellota Bellota. 14, rue de Bretagne (Iii). Tel.: 01 42 72 32 49. Of the lun. to the sea. from 11 h to 15 h and 16 h 15 to 20 h. Of the game. at the sam. 11 h to 20 h and dim. from 11 h to 14 h 30.

3. Araku

The only shop in Paris to this specialty coffee indian in a short circuit, equitable, organic and 100 % arabica, which is distributed also to The Great Ep’, or to Lafayette Gourmet. Six cafes mono-varietal are available (beans, ground or capsules without aluminum) as well as materials. It is also possible to enjoy the on-site espresso (2,50 €) or coffee filters (3 to 6 €).

Araku. 14, rue de Bretagne (Iii). Tel.: 01 76 50 57 00. The mar. at the sam. from 9 h 30 to 19 h 30 and dim. 10 h to 13 h.

4. Iovine’s

the Third and last parisian address (long) for Nicola Iovine and his pizze neapolitan landed in 2015 on the side of the Palais-Royal. The dough is thick and elastic to the edges thick is lined with the cream of the bunch: small tomatoes of the Vesuvius, Parma ham matured 24 months, burrata from Puglia, salami picante Calabrian… Not the best in Paris, but very honest!

Iovine’s. 27, rue de Bretagne (Iii). Tel.: 01 40 33 43 57. Everyday. Continuous Service the w. e. Map: 20-30 €.

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5. Café Charlot Café Charlot (Iii). Sébastien SORIANO/Le Figaro

Chorus known for a prosperous commercial, nothing beats a good location. And this one, the face of the Children’s market-Red, with terrace of angle, well directed, is ideally located. This former bakery in the retro look of the 1950s is the HEADQUARTERS of the people (Florence Foresti, Pierre Palmade are regulars) as much as anonymous who like the atmosphere boho casual atmosphere, great bar with his news of the day, the friendly service. In short, a serious rival to the historical Progress ( 1, rue de Bretagne, Iii. Tel.: 01 42 72 01 44 ), brewery-tobacco very popular with the pros of the fashion and media for its festive atmosphere, especially at happy hour.

Café Charlot. 38, rue de Bretagne (Iii). Tel.: 01 44 54 03 30. Everyday. from 7 pm to 2 am in the morning.

6. Scoop me a cookie

Cookies thick ultra-fluffy and crispy on the outside, the slate of this monomaniac of the cake to US, which also shapes the ice house for the sunny days. Eggs and organic flour, hazelnuts from Piedmont and butter churn PDO Charentes are included in the manufacture of a thirty recipes in rotation to the names shifted (from 3.50 to 3.90 €), including the inevitable “Back to basics” to the three Valrhona chocolate.

Scoop me a cookie. 38, rue de Bretagne (Iii). Tel.: 01 40 33 26 97. Everyday sf lun. from 12 h to 19 h (19: 30 fri. the dim.).

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7. The Market for Children-Red The stand of Alain Miam Miam at Marché des Enfans-Red (Third). LUCIEN LUNG/Le Figaro

Founded in 1615, listed historical monument in 1982 and renovated in the year 2000 after having been threatened with destruction, the oldest covered market of Paris, mixes shopping (two gardeners, including a bio, fishmonger, cheesemonger, florist…) and stalls of world cuisine (Italian, creole, moroccan, japanese…) to restore in an atmosphere of joy and good child. Among the spots which are invariably full on weekends, generous breads, sandwiches and cakes from the whimsical Alain Miam Miam.

Market for Children-Red. 39, rue de Bretagne (Iii). Everyday sf lun., 8: 30 to 20: 30 (21: 30 the game. and 17 h on sun.).

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8. Children of the Market

This is one of the countertops, the most knowledgeable in the area, and even from much further away! In the open market of the Children-Red, Michael Grosman and his chef Masahide Ikuta aim in the mile with a card full of beautiful products, all sourced (sirloin matured, cuissot piglet, pike perch line, charcuterie haute couture…), cooked with flair and told with passion. All washed down with very nice wine creators. If there is a place where you need to go up in the elbow at this time, it’s here!

the Children of The Market. 39, rue de Bretagne (Iii). Tel.: 01 40 24 01 43. From 9 h to 17 h to the mar. the dim. and 9 h to 23 h of the game. at the sam. Card: 20-50 €.

9. Jean-Paul Hévin

Now in Japan, Shanghai and Taiwan, this artisan-chocolatier’s top-flight is not less in Paris with six points of sale, including this little jewel of the Marais, two squares from the market. In true craftsmanship, it has its flagship products, including the famous tablets of grand cru chocolate, but also macaroons, appetizers, sweets and other hot chocolates that have made its reputation.

Jean-Paul Hévin. 41, rue de Bretagne (Iii). Tel.: 01 44 61 94 62. Everyday sf dim. and lun. 10 h to 19 h 30.

10. In Omar

the Facade and decor in its own juice for this beer algerian installed here since the 1970s. Served on paper tablecloths, in large dishes to share, the couscous, a specialty of the house, turns out to be disappointing. This does not preclude the regulars and people in the mode of using the address. Pastries from La Bague de Kenza comforting for dessert.

Chez Omar. 47, rue de Bretagne (Iii). Tel.: 01 42 72 36 26. Everyday sf dim. (déj.). Map: 30-50 €.

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11. Bontemps Bontemps (Third). Bontemps

one of our pastries favorite in Paris. Opened in 2015 by two sisters, followers of the shortbread dough (brought to life by a hint of fleur de sel), it has recently set up a tea room quaint (a bit expensive), stashed dans a courtyard behind the shop. You can taste some specialities savory (including a delicious pie with tomato) but the highlight of the house is still the pies (chocolate, poached pear, gianduja – from 14 € for 2-3 pers. take away, 9 € on the spot) and Bontemps, small cakes filled with cream (16 € 9 to take away, 9 € 3 on site).

Bontemps. 57, rue de Bretagne (Iii). Tel.: 01 42 74 10 68. Everyday sf lun. and mar.

12. Mmmozza

Mozzarella of all kinds (bufala, burrata, smoked, braided, rolled), but also other cheeses (scamorza, pecorino, parmesan, ricotta), ham slow food , fresh pasta (ravioli del plin), olive oils, wines and other treasures from italy hiding in this small grocery store warm. Plates of antipasti (10 to 13 €) and tasty sandwiches (7 €) will devour also on a few tables, or take precedence.

Mmmozza. 57, rue de Bretagne (Iii). Tel.: 01 42 71 82 98. Everyday from 10 h to 20 h (14 h 30 on sun.), continuous fri. and sam.

And soon,

LADURÉE. And eleven boutiques in Paris for the house of the rue Royale! Of what to take the famous macaroons, but also pastries, pastries, chocolates and hot drinks.

Ladurée. 14, rue de Bretagne (Iii). Opening on the 9th nov. 2018.

HOME VÉROT. Fourth point of sale in paris for the butcher home in saint-etienne, famous for its pies, tarts, terrines and other charcuterie, top quality.

Home Vérot. 38, rue de Bretagne (Iii). Opening on 20 nov. 2018.


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