Responsible for nearly 10 % of all accidents on the road according to government figures, the smartphone is increasingly being used by the French in the steering wheel. They were 39% to commit the offence in 2016, and then to 43% in 2017, and finally 46 % in 2018, almost half of the drivers tricolor. Those who travel the roads every day will find these figures less. Especially in the city, especially in traffic jams, four drivers out of five use their mobile phone. And not to call. Some do not hesitate to watch a video when it is not downright a movie.

We note that these are mostly the younger ones who have trouble letting go of their phone: 61 % of 24-34-year-olds use their mobile at the wheel, against (all the same) 54 % of 35-44 year-olds.

The frequent users are far more numerous than the casual: 41 % vs. 16 % among those under 45 years of age (31 % versus 14% for all drivers). Telephone conversations are stagnant in 2018 (39 %), but the smartphone acquires constantly new features to tempt the motorist who can not resist the sound of a notification. All are good reasons to keep his mobile in hand to prevent that you are late, ask to go out and buy the bread, ask for news,…..

The use of GPS applications jumped by 10 points in two years to reach 32 % by 2018, but they do not represent any danger, so long as you can resist the urge to respond to the SMS that is displayed on the screen. In speaking of the wolf, 34% of drivers check their messages at least some of the time, and 26% can even send.

The hands-free kit, however, is more used: 72 % usage in 2018, compared to 66 % in 2017 and 60 % in 2016. From another side, the messages are more often read and written as listened to and dictated: only 23% of drivers who receive messages on a listen to and, 32 % of those who send the dictate. But even in this case, the attention is diverted.

The study shows that the more the number of kilometers increases, more drivers are using their smartphone: 53 % of the respondents are traveling more than 35 000 km per year receive messages at the wheel and 42 % in send, respectively, 34 % and 26 % for all drivers. The big wheelers are fortunately better use of the hands-free car kit and features to reduce the impact of the smartphone on the car safety, including offering the possibility to use it without the handle.


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