The tariff of the SNCF will evolve gradually over the course of the year 2019. This change will especially affect the three million holders of the discount card. If the cards “frequencies” remain unchanged, the SNCF recycle the good old formula of “2 in 1” for the other reduction cards. Thus, the card “child” and “family” will not be more than one, even the cards to “senior” and “weekend”.

But the main change relates to the mode of booking tickets. Whereas it was enough until now to clarify possess a subscription card to get the good rate, you will be asked, at the end of the year, type the number of the card. Thus, it is no longer possible to buy a ticket for your children, parents, friends or colleagues, without being in possession of their card number.

No kidding, the spokesman of the SNCF, explained by email, in response to our questions, that this change was requested by the customers”, and argues that, “thanks to its account, the client will be automatically offered the best rates”. It was in truth already the case, as soon as it was reported to be a card holder on his account SNCF.

A marketing operation

It is once again in a simple operation referred to as “com”. Because in reality, the reason for this change is to any other. Since the implementation of the portals of access to the dock, the fraud moved. The few passengers who were travelling without a ticket buy now titles, with reduction to pass the gantry. Reason for which the checks aboard the train, which had been greatly reduced, and are again practiced.

The passengers do not know it, but the moment they cross the gantry is displayed on a screen above their heads codes discounts ticket: for children MI for military… A passenger of 50 years passing with a fare ticket “child” is immediately spotted by security agents. It should be remembered that the control system at the boarding forced all of the travelers as the fraud on board of the TGV represents only 1% to 2% depending on the lines, and what’s more, it focuses only on a few stations?

These controls border on the ridiculous in the stations overloaded as Lyon Pardieu or Paris Gare de l’est where the arrangement of the wharves does not allow to open three or four porticoes, which leads to endless queues and sometimes prevents passengers from reaching their cars in time. A head of boarding to Paris-Is we has well summarized the situation: “Now the train is like a plane”.

Improve the revenue per unit

The other change concerns the users of “tickets ” pro”. Exit the fare difference inherited in the off-peak periods and periods of spikes for the second class. Now, we will apply a single tariff, as it was already the case for the first class.

In practice, this double rate for the second pose big problems for travelers wishing to change trains. In fact, in the case of readjusting the tariff, only the person who purchased the ticket, not the passenger, has the opportunity to change it. And this is a specificity of French! Not easy when we find ourselves in a train station a few minutes away of starting with a “ticket changes free of charge to” be forced to contact, that his travel agency, which his company to have the code of the credit card that was used to pay for the ticket!

the single-rate pro in second would therefore have had to simplify the life of the subscribers. But why make it simple when you can make it complicated? The SNCF will now require passengers wishing to change their departure time, either by the app SNCF, either through an atm or the internet site. The SNCF calls this pompously “Exchange guarantee”, as if it were an improvement, so that this advantage justified already the high price of the tickets pro.

Exit the freedom to take the train before or after and without any formality with the ticket pro. A temporary measure, adds no more precision to the SNCF, which must fear of an outcry. We can already imagine the plight of passengers whose ticket, yet purchased on the internet, appears neither on the application nor on the website due to a bug recurring.

the end of The ticket paper

passengers lose the exchange, but the SNCF, it, wins. These measures will allow the company to improve what is called the revenue per unit: in effect, by controlling more effectively filling its trains, it may further offer of tickets at a high price at the last minute. A system complex when it is known that in Germany or Switzerland, with a full-fare ticket, passengers can take the train they wish to, of course, without seat guarantee, but with the advantage of flexibility and flexibility.

And this is not all: to avoid the inevitable cannibalization by “Ouigo” TGV “Unheard”, the SNCF has thought of a new segmentation that on Ouigo tickets become non-exchangeable and non-refundable while on Unheard of, all the tickets would be modifiable with fees or without fees according to the tariff is recreational or pro. This idea has however been abandoned. Finally, the SNCF wants to remove the paper tickets to the exclusive use of e-tickets. It is the end of the voyage incognito, as for an e-ticket, it is necessary to give a sense of identity and date of birth (as in airplane) that can be verified by the controller.

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