To celebrate the fifth anniversary of the reopening of the zoological Park of Paris, five new species are going to make their entry throughout the year. The southern fur seal have shown the way by landing in the biozone Patagonia last February. They join the sea lions at mane, boarders since the beginning of 2014. In nature, these two types of otariid̩s side by side and share in South America the same biotope, along the coasts of Chile and Argentina. The introduction of the southern fur seal reflects the diversity within a single race. New goings РQuito, male and Jaci the female Рevolved, therefore, with the old, Nora and Ela (females), Portos, and Aramis (male).

arrive well-prepared

the coming of The mammals was prepared in the early stages, as the entrust Bastien Servières, trainer-diver. “The discussions that we had with the zoos of origin through social networks and by phone have lasted for more than six months. They have allowed us to have a maximum of information on the history and character of Quito and Jaci. The encounter between the two species went very well. The aim was that they can play and move with those already present at the zoo. It is even ahead of our adaptation programme.” The two new sea lions are smaller and faster than sea lions with manes. The wildlife Park is the first zoo in France to introduce the two species together, as in their natural environment. There are only 30 fur seals in the whole of the european zoos.

six sea lions already know each other well. They now live together all day. Two pools and a beach have been installed so that they play in shoals, and rocks so they can dry in the sun. The sea lion is an animal rather idle. But it’s not too relaxing. Mammals have a daily workout in the company of the keepers. “In the framework of the animations of the zoo of Paris, we want to present the natural behaviour of animals: their instinct to hunt, jump…” describes the trainer-diver. “It allows you to show the capabilities of the species and to do a medical follow-up. They can be cut off or be bitten. The training helps the pet to be confident in the operation for the cure.”

Parc zoologique de Paris. Avenue Daumesnil (Xii). Monday to Friday from 9h30 to 18h, Saturday and Sunday from 9.30 to 19.30. Feeding of the sea lions: Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays at 12: 30.

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