This is a series of podcasts to put on the ears of a youth who dream of working in the luxury industry. Over nine episodes, varying from eight to twenty minutes, it will slip into the skin of a decorator of shop windows, a saleswoman of a square of silk, a leatherworker, designer scarves, designer menswear, and even a cooker and a gardener… but in Hermes, of course.

The podcast has the wind in its sails, they are effective and rather charming. In the mazes of the 24 faubourg Saint-Honoré (Paris Viii), birthplace of the house since 1880 and housed the workshops, the offices and the store, a narrator, micro tense, collects the confidences and feasts, anecdotes. “When I was hired in 1992, the apple tree has grown apples, says in the episode 9, Yasmina Demnati, garden, mows the lawn, trims the trees and plant the flowers on the roof (inaccessible to the public) of the building. This is the first time that Mr. Dumas called me into his office. He asked me what was happening […]. A little edgy, I’m planted in front of the apple tree and I said to him: “If you don’t do more apples, I’ll cut!” And since then, every year, it makes apples.” Of these apples, Elizabeth Thiry, stove particular, prepares a sweet jelly. “We do not have a card,” she says. We are in a home, and not in a restaurant, so people eat what I want them to prepare.”

The podcasts of Hermes. Hermes Sounds of hallway

On the floor below, meeting up with Véronique Nichanian (episode 7). The artistic director of the universe man for thirty years evokes its customers in the search of a “garment for itself, to fund the pockets in the lamb” ensures that it “is not fantasy, not men but listen to them”, remembers those that she has been able to cross the street or board a plane, dressed by her care but who knew nothing, of him who has expressly requested a long mink coat, candy pink… that she refused to draw. Every day, the creative runs through the shop. As Mathilde Ehouzan (episode 4), salesperson at ray silk whisper: “It is very symbolic to come to Paris and buy a carré Hermès. It comes to seek the dream, the gift of 18 years of age, 20 years.” As yet Camille Parenty (episode 3), the director of the store, perched at the top of the central staircase, ready for his brief weekly.

this is also Affecting, the testimony of Henri d’origny (episode 5). “I went through a break-in 1958,” jokes the designer of some of the most beautiful squares of the saddle. I am the old nanny of the creative area.” This son of the cavaliers, stripped off their mounts at 24 faubourg, the thickness of the words. He said he was “born in the droppings on the straw”, remembers his first drawing of knives and deer.

In the introduction of this season (we are waiting for the release date of the second), Pierre-Alexis Dumas, artistic director and member of the sixth generation of the family Hermes, traces the history of the building, on the right side of the street, in full sun”, and the shop, “it is a hive much more than a store”. Child, he spent four hours per week in the floors, focusing on the sound of the radio craftsmen who spit Still Loving You of Scorpions in order to “make points for trying to make belts “.

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