The families of the more cohesive are not immune to the problems of remoteness. The children and grandchildren are dispersed across the country or even the world, to live their experiences. It is in the order of things. Only here, the former often remain only at best at home or in a retirement home, looking feverishly for a call of the loved ones. A phone call, a letter. A testimony he will have to view internally to a great deal of imagination.

So, how to share, almost in true, the first steps of the small, the birthday cake’s great or just the view of the beach on which it is located in holiday to those who are far away. This experience, Nelly Miller, co-founder of the society Sunday, lived as a small girl separated by the distance of his grandmother. And a picture worth more than a long speech, she was looking this way imperative to keep the contact with her sending her pictures from anywhere, and in the second, on a device that is non-provoking and used by all: television. Surrounding yourself with skills identified on the social networks, the entrepreneur has developed a system of child-like simplicity, to be closer to way and instant visual of his loved ones. She shares today, through his start-up Sunday, his idea for it to be exploited by all.


The Sunday Box is in the form of a Wifi box, a remote control, and a free application. The product has been designed to ensure that its possessor has the least number of operations required to access the images that were sent to him. And this, without a subscription. It is a sort of private social network much less complicated to understand that geeks are normal social networks. What’s more, the images will appear in large widths on the television, which will still be more comfortable than on a smartphone. It’s not even the favorite accessory of the oldest.

A remote control, an app and a box make up the Sunday Box. sunday

starting Point, linking the Sunday box to the HDMI jack of the tv to the one which will be called the chief of the tribe. It will have nothing else to do than to wait for his special remote control it indicates that an image has arrived via a bright and flashing. On the other side, a member of the tribe (he can of course be a multitude) will have the application installed on his smartphone and took a photo or video through it. To view, simply select its “chain Sunday” by choosing the HDMI output suitable, and it is found on the interface home. You can then display its pictures accented the need for captions, or read his videos. Only constraint, the latter shall not exceed 10 seconds. For the moment, ” says the company. Effective and within the reach of all.

The fact that the remote control is attached to a base, non-removable, so not very discreet in spite of his destination, is questionable. But it has the advantage of being practical and easily identifiable. Also, the fact that the box is connected, for the time being on another HDMI socket as the TV set top box requires the manipulation of another remote control to end up on the interface. Not practical. This should be, however, quickly settled on a new version according to the start-up because the number of updates to both the software and hardware should see the light of day this year. As well, it will soon be possible, in particular, to leave audio messages.

Sunday Box: 149 euros.

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