Ippudo Saint-Germain

The first paris outpost of this chain of ramen (noodle soup japanese), founded in 1985 in Hakata, has created a buzz when she landed there nearly three years in Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Without reservation, she continued to make the full of junkies as curious, come slurper broth comforting pork, chicken or vegetarian, topped with noodles home to wheat flour (which you can choose the firmness) in a setting pop minimalist.

Ippudo Saint-Germain. 14, rue Grégoire-de-Tours (Life). Tel.: 01 42 38 21 99. Everyday. Card: 15-30 €.


Cuisine sino-thai program this table is located in the heart of the golden Triangle and frequented by a bunch of regulars “VIP”. In a frame in red and black, playing the card of the scenery, parade in dim sums and other appetizers steamed, whole fish for two, roast duck pecking or frogs ‘ legs sautéed in basil. To drag with a few …

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