A quiet passage we passed, suddenly, from the chaos of the city in a universe minimalist, uncluttered. A sphere of shimmering, inspired by Anish Kapoor and Jeff Koons, fleet at the end of a hallway lined with bushes. There is nothing to indicate that we enter in a hotel. There is neither a reception, nor indication. The elevators lead one knows not where. We are surprised to want to retrace our steps, to verify that it was not the wrong address. The word “Edition” in letters of silver is there to reassure us. We are at the Times Square Edition, the new luxury hotel group Marriott, which opened last month in the heart of New York.

The rooms offer a view on Times Square and its legendary giant screens. Jean Marc JAEGER

Designed as a “zone of decompression”, the entry prepared our arrival at the reception on the 10th floor, where green walls blend in with decor black absolute. This new address is signed by Ian Schrager. A well-known name in the luxury hotel industry, but not only. At the end of the 1970s, the entrepreneur – at the age of 30 years – is known as co-Studio 54, a few blocks away, on Broadway.

Temple sulphur of the nights in new york city during the fever disco, it counted among its regular stars such as Andy Warhol or Michael Jackson. This club, now extinct, has left a legend. As to perpetuate, Ian Schrager has taken to create the 7th floor of the Paradise Club, a blend of parisian cabaret and nightclub.

A huge fresco inspired by Bosch and Dali surrounds the room imagined for all kinds of live shows, from the circus to the theater, passing by numbers illusionists. The place was inaugurated with great pomp by Nile Rodgers (the irony of history, the guitarist of the band Chic was made to expel the club December 31, 1977 ; distraught, he wrote the same evening the song Le Freak c’est chic become a tube the world), and Diana Ross.

spacious and Bright rooms are located between 14th and 40th floors. The TImes Squares Edition

Has just released, the hotel has already become the new address of the New York insider, proud to find electric energy of Times Square. Place of celebration, the hotel also invites to the pleasures of the table. The Terrace and Outdoor Gardens, run by michelin-starred chef John Fraser (known for his vegetarian restaurant in Greenwich Village, the Nix), and inspired by the brasseries of French, offers pastas , grilled meats and fish.

at the entrance, nearly 150 black and white photos show scenes of life in new york at different times. Its outdoor terrace, dotted with vegetation, is one of the only ones around Times Square – without a doubt the best place to live in the new year. More gourmet, the 701 West amazes as much for its cocktails, and its kitchen of the world by its velvet couches in emerald green or electric blue.

It’s easy to forget the 452 guest rooms and suites, located between 14th and 40th floors. Bright and spacious, they offer a view on Times Square and its legendary giant screens. The heart of New York is swarming under our feet in absolute silence. We want them almost to desert this place of glass and wood. But after all, how can you resist the call of the city that never sleeps?

The Times Square Edition ( From 290 € the room (rate of opening).


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