Since his engineer Nils Bohlin invented the safety belt in 1959, Volvo is always quick to proclaim itself a champion of road safety. In this perspective, the Swedish manufacturer said today want to restrict the maximum speed of its models to 180 km/h as soon as 2020. But that rolls even above 180 km/h now, with the exception of a few German drivers? And with the likely diffusion of the electric car, the “Vmax” will probably be reduced to well below 180 km/h, the batteries of these vehicles to little appreciation of the speeds.

Volvo is not at his first attempt in the field of ad affecting our safety on the roads. The manufacturer quenches our thirst since 2014 a campaign “zero death” at the wheel of his cars. In 2016, he has promised that this goal would be achieved by 2020. Appointments, therefore, over the next year. This measure has already welcomed the gogos who do not think for one moment that we will die, always on the road, regardless of the brand of the vehicle, of a heart attack or a fatality against which nobody will ever be able to nothing.

“manufacturers have the right, indeed the obligation, to install embedded systems that modify the behavior of the driver?”, questions Håkan Samuelsson, the chairman of Volvo. Volvo.

“Who can do more can do less”.

Volvo isn’t it this time a little too much? The maximum speed of the car is no longer for a long time that concern is anecdotal. She was able once to give you an idea of the technical improvements that the builders had made to their vehicles, to the extent that they were able to make it roll faster. One could turn the argument by saying that the fastest cars are also the safest, under the old adage “he who can do more can do less”. A Ferrari or Lamborghini offer the highest levels of security. These vehicles turn, brake, and hold the road brilliantly. But they are very expensive and hardly convenient to carry his family.

Volvo puts himself in the camp of the imprécateurs for which it is necessary to restrict the freedom of decision of the driver. These fans are easily recognized. They support the speed limit, the lowest, and leaves to take the risk to trigger a revolt, the pitfalls are most numerous possible, to the right of move (hardening of the permit, penalties to be disproportionate in the light of the offences committed, for example). They are also for the fees of the heaviest hitting the car, and try to come back today on the scene with the idea of a limitation of the automatic vehicle speed. They found an ear favourable within Europe, according to Carlos Tavares, chairman of PSA, has just taken a “diktat” by demanding discounts foolish of CO2 emissions (less than 40% between 2021 and 2030), dealing with “the issues of automobiles with amateurism”.

Volvo wants to go even further. “We are launching the debate: the manufacturers have the right, indeed the obligation, to install embedded systems that modify the behavior of the driver to fight speeding, driving drunk or distracted?” asked Håkan Samuelsson, the chairman of the firm. Before admitting that he does not have a “categorical reply to this question”, but that it is “a duty to take the lead and be pioneers”. “Be pioneers”: could we not blame Volvo surjouer the secure card? The good feelings are a double-edged sword. It is well known: who wants to make the angel, sometimes, the beast.

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