silver Coin (43 av J.-C.), Republic of Rome, Arrius Secundus. Bulgari

An imposing stature, piercing blue eyes, a humanistic culture… “Mr Nicola”, as nicknamed with deference to his entourage, is without a doubt one of the last lords of the jewelry of the Twentieth century, before it does redeem by groups of luxury. Born in 1941, Nicola Bulgari is the youngest of a family of four children, a girl and three boys, whose grandfather Sotirio Bulgari, modest craftsman who came from Greece, opened a shop in 1884 in via Sistina, in Rome. One-hundred-thirty-five years after, the mark, passed in 2011 in the lap of LVMH, has become a heavy weight in the sector. According to its competitors, it would realize today a turnover of 2.5 billion euros. A success largely rooted in the history of this jeweler known for his cabochons of colored stone and jewelry Monete, in which the old parts are mounted on the trimmings as true gems. “Mr Nicola” had the idea in …

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