The tie should not be an accessory to a frame. It is an element of fun. Not offhand, but a personal imprint of good taste, which is expressed, first, in the selection of the node. Fans know, it takes skill to give a scholarly form of natural. The simple node, that the English call “four in hand”, slightly asymmetrical, is the most classic. The tie file then often a little to the right. Of course, it was necessary that someone invented the Windsor knot, completely symmetrical, giving this time a look of paddle frozen. The opposite of his spirit. To add even more panache to a beautiful tie, it should also pay attention to “the drop of water”, this ripple at the output of the node that gives
from the relief and brings a shine to the silk! Barack Obama is a master of the genre.

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There must be a minimum of know-how to get there and a tie of the right width. This is not with the models riquiquis 6 cm wide that this exercise runs. A nice tie is 8 or 9 inches, that’s all! In this regard, a few photos appeared in the press on the case of Renault-Nissan have caught my attention: on the one hand, see Carlos Ghosn who demonstrates the ability to transform a tie into a lath scanty and rigid.

conversely, and o marvel, Thierry Bolloré appears as the messiah of the cravatiers. One feels usually taste said: jackets with three buttons, pockets on the bias, pocket ticket, pass in paris. And ties! The variety of colors… With especially a way to make eminently enviable: a node barely pulled off to the right, finely pinched, and then a drop of water is generous and a fabric that pervades it with pleasure. An example to follow.


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