the defiance of The anti-diesel which is thriving in Europe and the witch hunts which accompany it are the business of Toyota. The japanese manufacturer has never been an ardent defender of the engines on diesel, and it is more by necessity as it was folded, preferring by far to put the emphasis on the hybrid technology, of which he is one of the pioneers and that they promote for more than twenty years. At the time, the engineer Hiroyuki Tsukashima, one of the fathers of the hybrid engine, tells that “the group’s president had asked his teams to develop a solution to reduce drastically CO2 emissions and especially emissions of particulates and oxides of nitrogen.” In more than twenty years, 12.5 million customers, of which 2.1 million Europeans have purchased their hybrid vehicles. And history seems to be accelerating under the dual impetus of the speech lashing out at the diesel and of the renewal of the range gasoline-electric.

The on-board computer barely exceeds 4.5 l/100 km in the traffic.

This new generation of the compact sedan from Toyota, introduced in the spring in sedan and 5-door, and then before the summer vacation in the station wagon Touring Sports, do prénommera more Auris, as it had yet been approved. The japanese manufacturer has backtracked, returning to the Corolla, a name known worldwide. The twelfth generation of a vehicle that sold over 45 million units since 1966, is the carrier of a profound questioning. In a standardization, the Corolla is now based on the modular platform TNGA shared by many models in the range, including the Prius family and the new compact SUV Lexus OW. This structure boasts of view a rigidity increased by 60 %, to a centre of gravity lowered by 10 mm and to adopt a multi-link rear suspension and electronically-controlled option. The style evolves in depth and gaining in stature. If the windshield has retained the same slope as before, and the fenestrons that refer to the universe mpv, volumes are refined and europeanized. This is especially true for the station wagon Touring Sports, the implementation of the recent office-style belgian, and really dynamic. The front cover has been reduced by 47 mm compared to the Auris and the rear window has gained 14 degrees of inclination. Compared to the sedan, the station wagon is stretched out of 283 mm, 4.65 m. The platform has increased the wheelbase by 100 mm, while reducing the overhang. At the rear, the length is growing only by 58 mm compared to the break Auris. Place the legs for the rear passengers is increasing significantly, the distance between the abutments of the front and rear which increased to 48 mm.

in Addition to the improvement of the perceived quality, it welcomes the transition to a dashboard lighter and improved ergonomics. Toyota

Another revolution: the Corolla will no longer be available in hybrid version. In addition to the 1.8 liter 122 hp of the Prius, Toyota has decided to add the 2-liter Atkinson-cycle engine of 149 hp rocking the Lexus UX 250h. Highly evolved, this engine boasts, setting a new record yield at 41 %, thanks to a compression ratio high, a variable distribution of the admission and a double injection (direct and indirect). It is associated with an electric motor of 80 kW (107 hp) in order to allow the Corolla to view the rated at a respectable 180 hp. Due to lack of space, the 12v battery is installed under the floor of the trunk. As to the battery of the hybrid system, it is not type-lithium-ion batteries, the engineers who preferred the technology of nickel-metal-hydride, as much for questions of cost and supply. The loading volume loses a few precious litres (581 gallons) compared to the previous model. This does not prevent it to claim report safety/livability top back to the Avensis. However, the functionality is excellent with a loading sill lowered and the retraction of the folders of the rear bench seat done in a jiffy from handles installed in the trunk. The loading length exceeds one metre. We can lie down an ATV. The coating of the floor is reversible. Side: of the carpet. Side face: of the rubber to make boots, eagle-eyed, or a dirty object.

The Corolla boasts a report on safety/livability top back to the Avensis. Toyota

the front of The cabin has also been completely redesigned. In addition to the improvement of the perceived quality, it welcomes the transition to a dashboard lighter and improved ergonomics. We would have certainly preferred a tablet with touch screen built-in rather than pressed against the center console, but it’s going in the right direction. The driving position is now of type sedan, installing the hips much lower than before, and the seats are more enveloping. The design of the rear seat, which penalizes the central square and the panoramic glass roof fitted to our test vehicle would cost a few precious millimeters in headroom. The state of the art facilities place this Corolla in one of the top vehicles in its segment. We selected the head-up display, the collision avoidance system with detection of cyclists and pedestrians, adaptive cruise control coupled to the tracking lines, projectors, LED arrays, the monitoring of the output of parking.

compared to the sedan, the station wagon is stretched out of 283 mm, 4.65 mr Toyota

The first kilometers in a traffic dense Madrid show the interest of hybridization. Most of the time, the Corolla works in electrical. During tests conducted recently in Paris and its suburbs on the journey of a dozen miles, the cars equipped with the fourth and latest generation of the hybrid engine have spent half of their time on this energy. This represents a gain of 20 to 30% compared to the previous generation. The much more powerful battery helps to reduce the stress of the heat engine. And the recharge cycles of the battery are faster. The onboard computer barely exceeds 4.5 l/100 km in the traffic in spite of the phases where the 4-cylinder aspirated takes turns to supply the battery or the heating. A light foot on the accelerator comes with the electric motor up to 70 km/h speed stabilised, but in raids, we have seen the system turn off the heat, at 120 km/h. It is then the aerodynamic noise and bearing which disturb the peace and quiet. The vehicle test series will verify if these through were able to be mitigated but anyway, the Corolla is less soundproof than the Lexus UX. It remains no less that the goal is achieved. Plus coupleux, the 2 litre is much less in demand even if, in the case of power is needed, the box to train épicycloïdal simulating six reports packs less the engine. Speed has stabilized, the plan was able to be lowered. At 90 km/h, we crossed at 1 500 r/min. The standard consumption appears to 3.8 l/100 km, which corresponds to CO2 emissions of 87 g/km according to the standard NEDC. The protocol WLTP increases the CO2 emissions by 20 g/km, but the station wagon Touring Sports always escapes the penalty. The performance are also in progress. It reaches 100 km/h 0.2 seconds faster (8.1 seconds) than the Lexus IS 300h and you only need 6.9 seconds to go from 80 to 120 km/h. The 1.8 version requires 2.3 seconds of more. These gains are accompanied by a level of driving pleasure higher, resulting in a chassis that is more dynamic, less prone to body roll and a driven suspension always finding the right note. With the beautiful 18-inch wheels, however, it will accept light percussions on the road degraded.

The alignment of the planets in favor of the hybrid should logically strengthen the power of attraction of this break, which is progressing in all compartments of the game. With his power of 180 hp, it has no equivalent on the market. Rest its tariff is not yet known, and which should be higher than eur 35 000 in the finish the higher.

technical Sheet

Engine : 4-cylinder petrol hybrid, 1 987 cm3

cumulative Power : 180-horsepower (149-hp + 107 hp)

Transmission : traction

Box: train épicycloïdal

Dimensions (Lxwxh): 4 653 x 1 790 x 1 435 mm

Safety: 581 litres

Weight: 1 560 kg

0 to 100 km/h: 8.1 seconds

Speed: 180 km/h

Usage: 3.8 l/100 km

CO2 Emissions: 87 g/km

Price: not provided

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