“Due to a technical oversight,” was the Transfer of the lot “short by a commercial interrupted,” said the pay-TV station on Saturday evening.

not apologized, But only for Sky, but also for a relationship to the dispute, to the transmitter through the adverts triggered.

first message during the game: TV-Panne at Bayern game: In the 65. Minute comes on once advertising

Munich – “That escalated quickly” – What it would not have given everything for the perfect Memes on the Internet about perhaps the most action-Packed second half for a long time in the Bundesliga? Three goals, Mega-chances and change (Live-Ticker), and between the 46. and 65. Minute. Even the audience needs a breather, right? The TV channel Sky, which grossed out all at once advertising probably thought.

The gaffe of the Pay-TV channel showed a 25-second spot in the Bayern-players gave their Gilette advertising is the Best advertising. Meanwhile, ran in the belly, the results of binding of 9. Round (27. October).

+ © Sky

After the Spot was over, switched Sky back into the action, as if never been something. In the next Situation, you saw Manuel Neuer, as he put on the Ball.


Also, the Fans on Twitter have not taken, of course, without a commentary note. A User already has an idea for a possible explosive stoppage time.

“status of the Intern or advertising during the game is now the Standard?”, another one asks.

“During the replacement of Hummels first, the results of the ninth match day, and a brown-show advertising … WTF”, says a user.

“Now it’s enough, people. Advertising in full-screen in the middle of the game. I thought, I have Pay-TV,“ complained of this Fan.

“imagine you are a Pay-TV stations are to get money from your customers, so you can watch a football game and interrupt the Transmission of the game for advertising,” another user his displeasure of air.

Also, the casual user of Sky leave no good hair on the transmitter. “That’s really bold,” says this “Zwitscherer”.

A User asking whether others have already let their anger run free?

in Spite of this small interruption, the audience saw but at a Sky will be a memorable game. Over the Match in the Signal Iduna Park will be a long talk.

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vote: Who was the player of the game from the FC Bayern Munich?


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