it happens that It crosses the boul’ Mich’ for an appointment at the Closerie, her yoga classes or a co-operative that she loves, on the other side of the intersection of Port Royal. But otherwise, it remains in this island protected, nestled between the Val-de-Grace, and Luxembourg. In fifteen years, she has had four different addresses. But in the same street! Who said that Paris was not a village? And besides, the building in which it remains today, with his two children, teenagers, happy, has itself like an island preserved, with its long courtyard garden with trees, birds in the spring, its inhabitants, who all know each other.

Valérie Bonneton is not only a wonderful actress, fine, sensitive, intelligent, radiant, modesty disarming. This is a woman in the maturity of a brilliant career, a bold, a woman who is free and generous. Her neighborhood, she enjoys, friends she loves, her children, she loves them. She found Dany Boon with whom she has played at the Berry-Zebra in 1992. A true friendship binds them and an admiration true for the writer Sébastien Thiéry, they are happy to serve, together, husband and wife, in a room off the wall and deep as the writer has the secret…

family and The Closerie des lilas on boulevard du Montparnasse (Life). Francois Cap/François Bouchon / Le Figaro

It is here, at the Closerie des Lilas, that I like to give my appointments to friendly or professional. I love this place, so beautiful, where everything is precious, harmonious, and where we eat very well. Everyone, whether he is known or not, is warmly welcomed. I am often coming out to lunch with my children and even if I lived far away, this would be one of my places of choice.

La Closerie des lilas, 71, bd du Montparnasse (Life). Tel.: 01 40 51 34 50.

To glide a little

I’m not especially sporty, but, two years ago, a friend convinced me to attend yoga classes in the centre, where she even was. And I have to say that it has transformed my daily life and that I don’t pass more today. I do not teach anyone anything by saying how it makes the course the body and the mind! And today, when my schedule allows me, I go there every day!

Beyoga , 17, rue Campagne-Première (Xiv). Tel.: 01 40 47 67 63.

Joys together in a Large Neighbouring countries, solidarity association avenue Denfert-Rochereau (Xiv). SÉBASTIEN SORIANO/Le Figaro

If you do not know this place, you must discover it! It is a vast space of solidarity that is installed on the site of the former hôpital Saint-Vincent-de-Paul. An association, and then the other two have transformed these empty buildings, with the support of the city of Paris, in the accommodation space, working and conviviality. Workshops, a restaurant, a flea market, it is a world of sharing and understanding that is brought together for a few years yet.

The Great Neighbors, 74, avenue Denfert-Rochereau (Xiv).

In vino veritas

Antonio, the wine merchant, is a friend. The store was founded by his father, Ivan. The family Familari comes from Italy. I love to discuss and, over time, I learned a lot about wine and the science which it is attached. There are very great wines, French and Italian in the shop. But also of the small wines of Calabria that I particularly like. There is also the Italian grocery store, so delicious.

Barreca Wine merchant , 21, rue du Val-de-Grâce (Ve). Tel.: 01 44 27 02 32.

bread and flowers Thalia, a florist on rue Saint-Jacques (Ve). SÉBASTIEN SORIANO/Le Figaro

In this neighborhood, the retailers are the artists. The baker from whom I bought a loaf of bread from einkorn, the ancient grain excellent, is a ceramic artist and has exhibited his creations in the shop. As for the florist, it has flowers that are not found elsewhere. A sense of wonder, especially as the vases are the rarities of the hand of a japanese artist.

Boulangerie Bruno Solques , 243, rue Saint-Jacques (Ve). Tel.: 01 43 54 62 33.

Thalia, florist, 223, rue Saint-Jacques (Ve). Tel.: 01 43 54 41 00.

Figaro-ci, Figaro-là

In my job, it is essential to be to his advantage! A hairstyle, becoming, a cup that fits you, it is very important. I’ve been lucky enough to have a dressing table very good at two steps from the house. The young woman I cuff is named Jacquie, and she knows very well what I will. She has the eye for perfect cuts, which fall well and hold!

Kim B. barber , 31, rue Henri-Barbusse (Ve). Tel.: 01 43 26 73 50.


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