Volvo has long been on the security. After having announced last week that it was limiting the speed of his vehicle at 180 km/h, the Swedish manufacturer, owned by chinese group Geely since 2010, has announced three safety innovations. The first is to truffer the cockpit cameras. According to Volvo, “the installation of cameras, detection, vigilance and other embedded sensors analyzing the behavior of the driver could be the solution to the drunk driving or distraction”.

enough to allow the car to intervene by itself if a driver is visibly distracted or intoxicated does not react to warning signals. This intervention, according to Volvo, “could be to limit the speed of the car, to alert the assistance service Volvo on Call and, as a last resort, to get them to slow down and park the vehicle safely”. Remains to be seen whether the police or any emergency will then be notified. The behaviors judged to be at risk, such as the total absence of intervention on the steering wheel for extended periods of time, the driver closing the eyes or turning away his eyes from the road for too long, and the changes of tract nuisance, or even a reaction time too long, will be detected by the cameras.

This “Care Key” should equip all the Volvo in 2021. Volvo.

Prevent friends and children to go too fast

The other innovation presented by Volvo is a key named “Care Key” . This allows you to limit the maximum speed before a loan of the vehicle to family members or friends, or to younger drivers and inexperienced from getting their licenses. This key should equip all the Volvo in 2021. Finally, Volvo offers its knowledge in the field of security in a central digital library.

The firm “invites the companies of the automotive industry to consult without delay to these data.” “We have data on tens of thousands of real accidents. They help us to ensure the maximum level of security on our cars in relation to the reality of the road,” says Lotta Jakobsson, a professor and specialist technical safety Centre Volvo Cars ‘ Safety. But this armada safe does not relieve Volvo to continue to follow a different path, which he knows well also: make very good cars, powerful, comfortable, holding the road well, and equipped with audio facilities of high quality in order not to fall asleep at the wheel.

Crash test undergone by a Volvo. Security is a topic dear to Volvo, who does know. Volvo.

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