A year after the closure of the shop Colette who was “the” parisian store with the largest diversity of collections per square metre for fifteen years, other brand have lifted the curtain and try to replace it with an original selection. In the Sixteenth arrondissement, the e-shop Beige wardrobe dresser has recently opened a new space at 83 rue Chardon-Lagache, in order to present the richness of its offer classical and quality.
Between the Madeleine and the Opera – at 48 rue Cambon -the concept-store We focus on modes streetwear. Not far from there, there is also the shop Equality since quelquessemaines, at 26 rue Poissonnière in the Second district.

Also café and showroom professional, this place of 300 m2 favours the combination lines signed by talent budding of French origin. In other words, creators beginners who are here, accompanied in the development of their proposal, and faced with the reality of the market, while being invited to personally participate in the animation of the place, in the form of pop-up stores that are dedicated to tower of role. A concept close to these néoprimeurs without the agency of the producer to the consumer that should bear fruit.


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