The walk of Cultival starts in the beautiful and very tourist district of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, on the square in front of the church. Emmanuel is the guest speaker who will guide us for nearly two hours for a visit which is rather for beginners. Launch by a historical background on the origin of freemasonry. The passage of free-masonry, operative from the craft of stone with the organization very hierarchical masons to the masons of the speculative, which she developed in England. Of the four lodges london was born the Grand Lodge in 1717. The king James II in exile in France, in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, is the origin of the creation of the first French lodges. They gather as early as 1725 in the district of Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

The speaker relies first on pictures to describe the symbols in order to be able to find them throughout the trip: square, compass, mallet, Delta light, scissors…. The circuit will drive our poor walkers of the rue de Buci at the Concorde passing by the Palais Bourbon. The organization of the first lodges, the rites of entrance, of the great figures of the franc-masonry through the story… become more intelligible with the help of the façades and statues observed by walking. The influence of this secret society on the policy appears evident. Today there are about 160,000 members in France.

“The freemasons, myths and revelations about a secret society”. Guided tour, duration: 1: 45. Rates of 9€ to 13€.

The museum of the franc-Masonry, in the Ninth arrondissement, also organizes guided tours on-site but also in the temples surrounding the area. We discovered 750 exhibits in permanently among some 10,000 items kept in the reserves. Upon reservation, visitors can even participate in the “held to white” and is open to the profane. They then attend the opening and closing of the work session the franc-masonic. The lecturers of the Grand Orient of France also offer theme-based excursions to the cemetery of Père-Lachaise. A journey of initiation through the graves of famous masons (André Citroën, Auguste Bartholdi, Oscar Wilde…) thus, One discovers the imprint of freemasonry over the centuries and its influence on society and citizenship.

Museum of freemasonry. Headquarters of the Grand Orient of France. 16, rue Cadet (IXe). Tel.: 01 45 23 74 09. From Tuesday to Friday and Sunday: 10h to 12h30 and 14h to 18h, Saturday: 10h to 13h and from 14h to 19h. Guided tours on Saturdays at 14h30 and 16h, Sundays at 14h30. Rates: from 5€ to 7€.


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