Up to now, the design of the accomplishments of the Zero was far from unanimous. That could change with the arrival of the SR/F, that adopts a look similar to that of a thermal model of a beautiful engine. This electrical machine is not trying to hide its mode of propulsion for as much as it shows off its engine and its battery.

written in the era of the time, the SR/F is a bike connected. Via a dedicated application, the owner of the roadster Zero can receive alerts on the status of the machine (interruption of the load, drop, moving, unexpected), set the charging parameters (charging status, programming time and cooldown…) and share the data of their trips (the location of the machine, speed, tilt angle, load status, energy consumed/regenerated).

The instrumentation of the SR/F is digital. Forrest Arakawa

in Order to facilitate the conduct of this powerful machine, Zero gives it a new operating system “Cypher III” as well as the stability control “MSC” of the oem Bosch. These devices allow the SR/F to propose many of the audience to conduct, as a system of distribution of braking, a traction control system and a control device for the torque.

The SR/F is equipped with four driving modes (City, Eco, Sport and Rain), but it is possible to configure up to 10 custom modes. As in Tesla, the motorcycle can be updated remotely in order to access the latest features available. This roadster should have a good behaviour on the road: it is equipped with suspensions Showa fully adjustable, front brake discs 320 mm diameter pinched by four-piston calipers and tires Pirelli Diablo Rosso III. Better, the weight is relatively contained to an electrical machine: the SR/F weighs “only” 220 kg.

The engine of this roadster develops 110 horsepower and 190 Nm of torque. The SR/F is the Zero, the most powerful ever produced. According to the manufacturer, the top speed stands at 200 km/h, but in an ad hoc manner. The spacecraft will not exceed the cruise speed of 177 km/h, in order to avoid draining too fast the battery of 14.4 kWh of capacity.

You will need to spend 20 690 € for the SR/F Standard, and 22 890 € for the premium version. Forrest Arakawa

The self can climb up to 320 km, but it is necessary to select the “Power Tank” option, and do not get out of the city. Of series, the radius of action is announced to 259 km, provided, once again, be limited to trips in urban areas. By combining different types of course, the autonomy would be to just 175 km according to the manufacturer.

originally, the SR/F can be recharged via the terminal by 4: 30 a.m. thanks to a system a power of 3 kW. If you opt for the premium model (better equipped) and that the decision to equip the device with optional 12 kW, the battery only requires one hour to be recharged. Reverse of the medal: to connect the SR/F on a simple household outlet, it will be necessary to bring an adaptor charged € 525.

As for the majority of the electrical machinery, the price of this new roadster in the u.s. is very salty: 20 690 € for the SR/F Standard, and 22 890 € for the premium version. Difficult to place it in front of a gas bike, that will charge much less expensive services, while being easier to use. On the other hand, on the side of the gear rolling to electricity, one notes that a certain Energica Esse Esse 9 shows performance similar to those of the new Zero, and lies in the same price range (22 050 €). A comparison between these two models would therefore not be without interest.

originally, the SR/F can be recharged via the terminal by 4: 30 a.m. thanks to a system a power of 3 kW. Zero


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